Super Foods & Vegans

Açaí Powder

Açaí Powder

It is a concentrated powdered acai pulp produced by lyophilization process, where it has no input of any kind of chemical substances. Our product is 100% pure, which is preserved vitamins and antioxidant substances. It can be used in juices, ice cream and various types of desserts.

Avocado Oil (Extra Virgin)

Avocado Oil (Extra Virgin)

Oil extracted from avocado pulp by cold press process. The product is 100% pure and without any kind of chemical additive. Rich in antioxidant substances and nutrients.

Look for better know about avocado oil benefits for health and you will be very surprised.

It can be used in cooking for season salads and other dishes, as well as to take 2 tablespoons a day.

Brasil Nut

Brazil Nut Oil (Extra Virgin)

The oil is produced from selected Brazil nuts through cold press process. 100% pure product, rich in antioxidants and nutrients such as selenium. It can be used in cooking for various types of dishes.

Brazil Nut

Selected and sourced from sustainable Amazonian supply chains. Very tasty and rich in selenium. Its a very special food from the wild amazon forest.