About YBI Brazil

Headquartered in the city of Vinhedo – S.P – Brazil. YBI Brazil company, its objective is to provide services and botanic ingredients for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, chemical and food industry.

Our products are from many Brazilian biomes, such as Amazon rainforest, Atlantic rainforest, Cerrado and Caatinga.

Meet Our



Innovating by support customer’s R&D projects and application using special botanics ingredients to meet the demands of the worldwide market.


Our entire supply chair is tracked, ensuring the origin of all our raw materials.

We Seek


Sustainability is what we do integrally in all our activities.

Our products and services collaborate with the economic and social development of the forest peoples, therefore we can consider: standing trees, alive, producing their fruits, seeds and leaves, hás intrinsic value than wooden explotation, as also, livestock farming in wild forest ecosystem.
Indeed, our product consumption has directly support on the preservation of natural resources, biodiversity and forest people income as well.

We prioritize


We work with the qualification of the producing source, seeking to maintain the natural standard of all our products.