Take a look at our green industrial line

We have products for industrial application, in differents sectors such a Cosmetic, Chemical, Food and Pharmaceutical Industries. Ours products are usually applied to replace chemicals that are harmful to health and the environment.

As an example we have cupuaçu butter, which, among other applications, can replace lanolin (animal derivative) in cosmetic formulations.

These special materials are 100% natural plant ingredients, without any chemical input; and from Brazilian biodiversity, extracted within the concept of sustainability.

These products meet the technical specification of the industrial green sector: cosmetic, chemical and pharmaceutical.

They are usually marketed in Bulk, with standardized packaging like gallons and drums.

Super Foods & Vegans

These are products from 100% pure plant sources that contain nutrients or other compounds with functions other than the basic nutrients of a “common” food.

As metabolic or physiological actions that help in some roles of the human body such as cholesterol reduction, stimulation of the immune system, decreased risk of cancer development, intestinal flora balance, combat premature aging, antioxidant effects among others.